Microscopy and Cell Biology: New Methods and New Questions.

TitleMicroscopy and Cell Biology: New Methods and New Questions.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsJD Morris, and CK Payne
JournalAnnual review of physical chemistry
Start Page199
Pagination199 - 218
Date Published06/2019

Understanding the cellular basis of human health and disease requires the spatial resolution of microscopy and the molecular-level details provided by spectroscopy. This review highlights imaging methods at the intersection of microscopy and spectroscopy with applications in cell biology. Imaging methods are divided into three broad categories: fluorescence microscopy, label-free approaches, and imaging tools that can be applied to multiple imaging modalities. Just as these imaging methods allow researchers to address new biological questions, progress in biological sciences will drive the development of new imaging methods. We highlight four topics in cell biology that illustrate the need for new imaging tools: nanoparticle-cell interactions, intracellular redox chemistry, neuroscience, and the increasing use of spheroids and organoids. Overall, our goal is to provide a brief overview of individual imaging methods and highlight recent advances in the use of microscopy for cell biology.

Short TitleAnnual review of physical chemistry